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Using the Dashboard
Using the Dashboard
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Swipe Simple - Settings

Swipe Simple has several features that are very handy, I will show you how to access all of them and how to navigate them. Other articles will go over the features in more depth and how to use them properly, so if you are confused or want to know about a specific one please use the specified article to help.


Navigating the Swipe Simple Portal is very easy, most things are already laid out on the left hand side with the drop down menu. You will see options where you can view transactions made, access your customer’s information you have saved, look at your Items you have created, update and check on users/employees that use your gateway, check on deposits in reports, change your account in account settings, and have access to a support center.

More Options

You have access to more options and settings if you select the account settings tab, you will notice multiple menus open up. In other articles we will teach you how to use these and what options are available to you (if you notice some options are not available, then your account may not be set up for those features. Please contact us if you wish to have any of these added and we will assist you).

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