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Manual Batch
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Pax - A80/A920 TSYS/Sierra

Most of our merchants’ terminals are set to automatically batch at the end of each night, however for those who have requested to manually do it, or for those who are having issues, here are some simple steps to manually batch out your machine.

How To Manually Batch

To manually batch out your machine, you will need to be on the homepage of your sierra app. Above the boxes and below the dollar amount, you will notice some tabs - Credit, Debit, & Func.

We want to head into the func tab, so tap the word func and your screen will change. You will notice new boxes. The one we are looking for is on the middle row, far right column. It should be in a yellow/orange color labeled Batch.

Once you select this it will require you to input a password; input the day’s date in the form of mm/dd/yyyy (ie 10192022 for October 19th, 2022). The option to close batch should appear, keep confirming you would like to close your batch until it says “Batch Close Successfully”.

You will receive a batch receipt for the transactions that have been batched out. You will receive these funds depending on your account’s funding time.

(If you receive a batch error please contact our Support department at the information below).

Still having this issue?/Have additional questions?

Please contact us using the information below;

Call: 800-720-3323

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