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Connecting to the internet PaxA80 PaxA920

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Here we will show you how to connect your terminal to the internet.

Power on Your Terminal

Please make sure that your terminal is powered on and connected to a secure power source. If you need help please look at our article walking you through this process.

Connecting to the Internet

To connect to the internet, you will need to go to the homepage of your terminal. To do so select the small circle on the bottom of the screen that is in between the Triangle and the Square. This should take you to the homepage of the terminal, which should have a blue/purple background and several apps. This should look very similar to the home screen of a smartphone.

On the bottom left will be an app called settings, select it. It will ask for a password, input the following for your terminal.

Pax A80 - 9876

Pax A920 - PAX9876@@

Once inside the settings, your top option will be wifi and below that will be ethernet. Select the form of connection you intend to use, and make sure it is enabled (also make sure the other option is disabled (ie: wifi enabled - - - ethernet disabled and vise versa).

If you choose WIFI, you will find your network and input your password.

If you choose Ethernet, make sure the ethernet cable is plugged into the correct port shown below as the blue LINE port on the back of the terminal (ONLY A80s have ethernet capabilities).

Once this is all done, you should see the symbol on the top right hand side of the screen next to time letting you know that you are all connected.

Ethernet :


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