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SwipeSimple Unboxing and Setup
SwipeSimple Unboxing and Setup

SwipeSimple - PAX Terminal

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Set up the Terminal

Unbox and Power On your Terminal-

The box includes the terminal, a power cable, and a starter roll of paper. The A80 desktop terminal will turn on when plugged into power, and the A920 has a power button on the side.

Powering on the A80

When you turn over the A80 you will see 8 connection options. The top right plug is where you will be inserting the power cord. The power cord must be connected to the terminal and plugged into an outlet. Once connected to power the terminal should turn on within a few seconds.

Powering on the A920

The A920 has a built-in power button on the right hand side of the terminal and will also come with a power cord for charging. Charge the terminal, press the power button, and the A920 will turn on.

Have additional questions?

If you are still having issues with your SwipeSimple terminal setup, please contact us using the information below;

Call: 800-720-3323

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