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Running a Sale on SwipeSimple
Running a Sale on SwipeSimple

How to run a sale on SwipeSimple

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  1. Open the SwipeSimple app from the SwipeSimple Terminal’s home screen

  2. Log in to SwipeSimple

  3. On the charge screen, tap the desired amount to be charged (or go to the Items tab and select an item)

  4. Tap the Charge button at the bottom of the screen

  5. Insert the card through the bottom of the device

  6. The "Remove Card" message will appear

  7. Remove the card

  8. The "Approved" message will appear and the receipt will print

  9. Press the Close button to go back to the New Charge screen

Adding Items to an Order

Add Items and Discounts

To add items from the list to the sale, select the items by tapping on them.

To perform a quick search from the list of managed items, scroll to the top of the list for the search bar, enter the item’s name or price. To add discounts to the entire order, select them by tapping on them.

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