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Payment Links

Payment Links gives you the ability to accept payments online with the simplicity of sharing a link.

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When processing transactions from SwipeSimple at your computer, you can provide your customers simple ways to pay for featured goods or services online by using the Payment Links feature in SwipeSimple. Payment Links gives you the ability to accept payments online with the simplicity of sharing a link.

Payment Links can be:

  • Shared via your website, newsletters, emails, a facebook page, or any other way you share links

  • Embedded into an image or through a QR code 

To create a Payment Link, log into your SwipeSimple merchant account via the web.

Click on Payment Links on your SwipeSimple side menu. Here, you will be able to see the any of your previously created Payment Links and can do any of the following:

  • Create new Payment Links

  • Edit existing Payment Links

  • Enable/Disable Payment Links

  • Copy existing Payment Links to share on their website, send in a email or text, send in a newsletter, and more

Creating a Payment Link

Click on New Payment Link on the top right corner and you will be taken to the New Payment Link page. From here, you can design the form that will be sent via the link:

  • Add a Title

    • Title is required, but you can choose whether or not the Title is visible on the payment form

  • Choose Amount or Item

    • If you select Amount, you can choose to enter a fixed amount or leave it as $0.00. If left at $0.00, the cardholder can enter in any amount at the time of payment.

    • If you select Item, you can choose an item from your previously created Item Catalog and the amount on the payment form will be the amount of that item. If the item is updated at any point after the Payment Link is created, the Payment Link is also updated.

  • Tax

    • If your account is configured for multiple tax rates, you will have the ability to select which tax rate to apply to the Payment Form.

    • If your account is not configured for tax, the Tax dropdown will not be displayed.

  • Customize Form

    • When expanded, the Customize Form section allows you to add additional fields to the payment form that the cardholder can fill out at the time of sale. You also have the option to make these required fields.

    • The default fields that will always be present on this section are:

      • Note (merchant can leave a message on the payment form for their customers)

      • Email

      • Phone

      • Shipping Address

Once complete, you can click on Preview Form to view the payment form before creating the link. To create the Payment Link, click on Create Link and a pop-up will appear with the shareable link that you can copy and paste into your website, a newsletter or email, facebook page, and more.

Receipts for Payment Links

After successfully completing a Payment Links form, your customer will be given the option to send themselves a receipt via email or SMS, or to print the receipt. You will be able to see if a receipt was sent from the transaction details in your Transaction History.

Have additional questions? Contact your Merchant Service Provider for more information.

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