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Favorites Page

Favorites page enables you to build custom pages of your most used items and discounts for quick and easy access during a sale.

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Editing Favorites pages from your Tablet

To access the Favorites page, click on the New Charge tab.

Please note that the Favorites page is available on the tablet version of SwipeSimple, and not currently available when using SwipeSimple on a smartphone.

Tap and hold any tile to enter edit mode.

Tap on + Add to add an item or discount to the Favorites page.

Create multiple favorites pages to fit your business needs. Each Favorites page supports up to 20 items or discounts.

Notes about items

When you want to add a new item to your Favorites page, you will select from the list of items that you have already created.

If an item was created with an image, this will show on the Favorites page.

To learn more about creating and editing items, please visit Manage your items.

To exit Edit Favorites mode

When you’re done editing a favorites page, tap on Done Editing to save your changes and exit edit mode.

Editing Favorites Pages from the web

To edit your Favorites pages from the web, log in to from your web browser.

Once logged in, select Item Catalog > Favorites.

To add a new page, click on one of the page numbers 1-8 on the left hand side. In the box under Page Name, you have the option to add a name to your Favorites page.

To add an item to your Favorites page, click on "Add Favorite Item" in any one of the 20 boxes displayed on the screen.

After you have added all of the items you want to add to your Favorites page, click on Save Changes. Now, you will be able to view your Favorites pages as they have been configured when using SwipeSimple on a Tablet device.

Note: You can only have a maximum of 8 different Favorites pages with 20 items per page.

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