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Create Custom Discounts

Create discounts and apply them to a transaction when creating a sale.

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SwipeSimple users can create discounts, and apply them to a transaction when creating a sale. Once the discount(s) is selected, it will be applied to the transaction as a whole, and is always applied before sales tax (if enabled) is calculated.

Discount information will be displayed on both digital and printed receipts.

Create a new discount

Go to the Item Catalog tab and tap on the “New” button located at the top.

Select “Create Discount” to add a new discount.

Assign a Discount Name by entering it in the input field.

Toggle between “$” or “%” to create a dollar off or percentage discount respectively.

Enter the value of the discount in the input field, and tap on “Create Discount” to add the discount to your Catalog.

Applying discounts to a transaction

Tap on the “Items” tab in your sale builder on the right.

Select the discount you wish to apply to the transaction by tapping on the discount name.

Your list of available discounts will be displayed below your existing list of items. To perform a quick search, pull and release the list of items to reveal the search bar.

When successfully applied, the discount name will be displayed below the list of items in your cart, and above sales tax.

Applying multiple discounts:

To apply multiple discounts to the transaction, select your discounts by tapping on the discount names.

Multiple discounts are applied in the order in which they are added.

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