You have the ability to change the recommended tip percentages, prompt for signatures, tax collection, and offline mode.

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How to Access Transaction Settings

To access the settings to customize your transaction flow, you will need to go to account settings and to access the drop down menu. Once there you will see the Transactions tab, click on that to access the settings.

How to Customize Your Transactions

Once in the settings, you will see several things with buttons and numbers.

The first thing you can turn on and off is for the terminal to ask for a signature during the transaction. Here you have three options, always (asks for signature no matter the transaction amount), Never (will never ask for signature on any transaction), and only when the transaction exceeds $25 (self explanatory). The choice will be yours for what you want, however there is no customizing the exceeding amount.

Below that you can have the option to save card information for a customer if you use the mobile version of Swipe Simple.

Next you can simply choose to collect tax or not (I recommend you do).

After that is the Tip Settings section. You are able to input 3 different prompted percentages if you have the Prompt for Tip selected as yes. Here you are able to change the percentages to whatever you like, please note below the boxes that percentages will be rounded to the nearest 0.5% (e.g., 14.3 will round to 14.5%).

In the offline mode section, you are able to choose how high transaction amounts can be to run offline. As a disclaimer please understand that the higher the amount, the higher the risk for you and your company will be. I do not recommend changing this amount past $25, but do as you feel comfortable.

Still need assistance?

If you still have questions or trouble finding transactions or have questions about any certain transaction, please contact us using the information below;

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