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This will help explain how to change your bank.

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There are a few steps you need to take to change your bank account.

  • Fill out the bank change form (attached below) and email it to [email protected]

  • Attach a color photo or scan of your driver's license (or equivalent ID)

  • Attach a photo or scan of a voided check of the new account with the business name.

  • You will also need to fill out a verification link that will be provided to you when you email in the information above.

What if I do not have a voided check with the business name?

If you do not yet have a voided check, or if your voided check lacks your business name (DBA name or Legal Name), most banks can provide a Bank letter.

These are acceptable as long as meet these criteria:

- The letter must be on Bank letter head.

- Include a Bank representative signature with that representative's contact details.

- Include the full Routing Number, Account Number.

- Include the Merchant ID

- Specify that the bank account belongs to your business (DBA name or Legal Name).

Are eSignatures Acceptable?

To keep your funds secure, we cannot accept eSignatures on the bank form or any supporting documents to make this change. We require these forms be physically signed at this time.

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