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Customizing your payment link is very similar to customizing your invoice.

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How To Access Payment Links Settings

To access the settings to customize your payment links, you will need to go to account settings and to access the drop down menu. Once there you will see the Payment Links tab, click on that to access the settings.

Customizing Payment Links

To customize your payment links go to the settings tab as described above. Here you have options to change your colors, and to add Images and footers on your Payment Link (please note that Image file size must be less than 500 KB). Once you have input all your information and image then you can use the “Preview Payment Link” below the Footer text box to see if it is to your liking or if you need to adjust anything.

Adding Links to Websites/Social Page

To add payment links, you simply need to copy the link from the leftmost collum and paste it in!

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