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Access Statements
Access Statements

If your merchant ID starts with 5738 or 6753, this article will assist you with viewing your monthly statements.

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Log In to mReports

Log into mReports.

Reports Tab

All reports can be found in the top left corner under the Reports tab.

When you hover over it, you will be able to select the report that you want.

Statement Summary

Select Statement Summary. A new window will appear. By default the start and end date will be today’s date. Edit the start and end dates to find the information that you need, then press the refresh button (the page with the green arrows) in order to refresh the report.

View and download a Statement

You can view and download a statement. From the above screen, click on the date of a statement. It will open a new window that displays a PDF file.

Most browsers will allow you to download and print. Google chrome (pictured below) has a download and print option in the top right corner.

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