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Verifone VX520 Setup Guide
Verifone VX520 Setup Guide
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VX520 Setup Guide

In the box:

  • VX520

  • Power cable

  • 1 Roll of paper (Inside the terminal)

What you will need:

  • An Ethernet cable

  • An Internet connection

  • A power outlet

Remove the VX520 terminal, and Power cable from the box. Turn the VX520 over and remove the back plate.

First, you need an ethernet cable connected to your Router. Plug the other end into the ETH (Ethernet) port on the back of the terminal shown in the right diagram.

Second Connect the Power cable to a wall outlet, extension cable, or power strip, then connect the other end to the indicated spot on the image.

Replace the plastic backing and turn your terminal right side up. Now that it has power it should be powering on.

Next your terminal screen will boot up, and eventually show the screen you see in the bottom Left image. Select “Softpay-TSYS” using the F3 button. The screen should appear as it does in the bottom right image.

Running a Card-present Sale

To charge a credit card, you will need to be on the screen shown to the right. If you are not on this screen please reference the VX520 Setup Guide.

First select “Sale” by pressing F2.

Next enter in the amount of your sale. Then press the green button.

Then insert the chip under the number pad or swipe the card on the right side of the terminal.

The transaction will run, and either give you an “Approved” or “Declined” message.

  • “Approved” means the transactions successfully ran.

  • “Declined” means the card has insufficient funds or another issue with the cardholder’s bank. The cardholder should contact their bank for more details.

The terminal will print a Merchant copy of the receipt. Then it will ask you if you want to print a customer copy. Rip off the merchant copy and press Yes (F1) to print a customer copy. Have your customer sign the Merchant copy for your records.

Voiding a Sale

Voiding a sale prevents the transaction from completing. The charge may appear as “Pending” on the customers credit card statement or online banking, but the hold will disappear in 2-5 business days.

First Select Void by pressing F4.

It will ask you if you want to void the last transaction. Select Yes (F1) to void the last transaction. Review the last transaction to confirm. Press Yes (F1) to void that transaction.

The terminal will print two copies of the void receipt, just like when running a sale.

Replacing Receipt Paper

Open the receipt paper cover.

Remove the old roll, or core of the old roll if present.

Drop in the new paper roll. The leading edge of the paper should be on the bottom and feed toward the screen on the terminal. As seen in the images to the right.

If the paper feeds through the machine but nothing appears on the paper, remove the paper, turn it over so that it loops the other way and drop it in.

Ordering Receipt Paper

You can purchase your receipt paper wherever you want. We recommend using to purchase your paper. In our experience they provide the best price.

VX520 terminals use Thermal, 1-ply, 50 foot rolls, that are 2 ¼ inch wide.

You can scan this code with your phone’s camera to jump directly to the product.

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