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Boomtown, Customer Success, is in office M-F 9-5 PST but the Remote Support Engineers are also available 24/7 via your Relay Chatroom/via text at 567-ASK (275) - TECH (8324).

The Poynt Reseller Support Hub contains videos, flow charts and step-by-step guides with screen shots over everything Poynt/Relay related. The Onboarding Process Flow Chart will be great to reference for your first Poynt merchants' setup, as well as the processor specific Boarding Doc.

The Poynt Sales Hub contains info on our Poynt Sales Webinars, as well as details and pricing on many of Poynt's most popular apps. Our Sales Knowledge Base also has answers to hundreds of frequently asked questions.

I also want to make sure you have the below contacts on deck:

[email protected] reaches the customer success team at the corporate level.

[email protected] is an email address your merchants can use - if you send anything out in marketing materials - and their email will create a support ticket in Relay.

[email protected] reaches all Poynt Admins at Boomtown who can wipe a terminal for you/deactivate a store. *Remote wipes and deactivations are needed in order to stop billing for those MIDs/TIDs. Devices have to be turned on and connected for a wipe to complete, so let us know if turning it on or connecting it is not possible.

[email protected] is the best place to contact The Phoenix Group for hardware orders. The TPG orders doc in the Poynt Reseller Support Hub also has some great contact info and FAQs for TPG.

Your merchants (and your team) can text us 24/7 for support via 567-ASK (275) - TECH (8324) - this will reach the Remote Support Engineers in AZ. They can also use the Connect app on their Poynt terminal to swipe in and chat or video call with an agent 24/7.

As you get started with your first merchants, let us know if you have any questions or run into any issues and we'll be happy to help.

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