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Verifone VX520 Reduce Receipt Length
Verifone VX520 Reduce Receipt Length
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How to:

  1. In your terminal, from the main screen (Sale, Refund, Void), press the Green Enter button, and then F2 for the setup menu.

  2. Use the far left purple button to scroll down. You need to find and select the Printer menu.

  3. Press Next until you find Column Width.

  4. Press the far right purple button to Edit. Select Col 42.

  5. Then press Next until you find Lines per Inch.

  6. Press the far right purple button to Edit. Select 10 LPI.

  7. Press F4 for Exit.

  8. Press OK to save changes.

  9. Test a transaction. Your receipts should be much smaller.

This is the smallest you can make receipts with our file build. As of right now we are unaware of how to remove other receipts options or lines.

How much is this going to save?

Reducing the receipt size is a useful thing to do for merchants with a large number of transactions. By following these steps we can reduce each receipt by about 1.5 inches. That is 3 inches saved each transaction (assuming they print a merchant copy.)

Multiply 3 inches by the number of monthly transactions, and thats how many inches per month these steps will save the merchant. Divide by 12 and thats how many feet you’re saving.

Most paper rolls are 50 ft rolls and 85 ft rolls are roughly $0.50 - $0.27 per roll.

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