Q. What if I see a "TIN-Invalid" fee on my processing statement?

A. "TIN" stands for "Taxpayer Identification Number". If you see this fee on your processing statement, it means that the Business Name and/or Tax ID number being reported to the IRS by National Processing LLC does not match with what the IRS has in their records.

When you fill out your original processing application, you are asked to provide your Legal Business Name and Tax ID number that was assigned to your business by the IRS. If you do not put your legal name and/or Tax ID number EXACTLY the way the IRS recorded it, this will cause a Mis-match that results in getting a TIN-Invalid fee on your statement until the issue is resolved.

It is recommended, when filling out your processing application, you use the IRS letter (LTR 147C) that was sent to you when you registered your business so you can put the legal name and Tax ID exactly how they have it on your IRS letter.

If you do not have a copy of your LTR 147C, you can contact the IRS at 800-829-4933 to ask for Form 147C/EIN Verification Letter to be sent to you.

If the issue is not resolved within a matter of months, the IRS will start withholding 27% of every batch until the issue is resolved. Any funds withheld can only be returned in the form of a tax refund when you submit your yearly taxes.

If you see a "TIN-Invalid" fee on your processing statement, please fill out a W-9 form and then go to National Processing Support and submit your W-9 with a copy of your IRS letter so we can resolve the IRS mismatch.

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