Q. What does it mean if I see a “PCI - Non Compliant” fee on my processing statement and what is PCI?

A. PCI stands for "Payment Card Industry". The full name of the organization is Payment Card Industry Security Standards Council. This council was created by the card brands (Visa, MC, Amex, Discover and JCB). PCI standards were created to help merchants securely store and/or process customer card data. All businesses that accept credit cards are subject to PCI compliance.

PCI compliance consists of taking an annual PCI questionnaire to help each merchant determine if there are any unsafe processing practices. If the merchant is processing payments through a website or a credit card terminal, they will also have to do a quarterly website/network vulnerability scan. This scan can generally be set to automatically scan every quarter and notify you if there are any vulnerabilities.

If there is a data breach through your website, gateway, or network your credit card terminal is connected to, and you are not PCI compliant, you as the merchant can be fined thousands of dollars as well as be liable for all fraud losses. You can also lose your ability to accept card payments.

If you see a PCI Non-compliance fee on your National Processing LLC statement, contact our support as soon as possible so we can help you get compliant.

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